Masterprogrammes: an overview

Applied Physics

View brochure Applied Physics

Physics for Energy
Physics for Fluids Engineering
Physics for Health and Life
Physics for Instrumentation
Physics for Quantum Devices and Quantum Computing

Chemical Engineering

View brochure Chemical Engineering

Chemical Product Engineering
Process Engineering

Complex Systems Engineering & Management

View brochure Complex Systems Engineering & Management

Construction Management & Engineering (4TU)

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Design for Interaction*

View brochure Design for Interaction

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Power Engineering
Wireless Communication and Sensing (former Telecommunications & Sensing Systems)
Signals and Systems

Embedded Systems (3TU)

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Engineering & Policy Analysis

View brochure Engineering & Policy Analysis

Industrial Ecology*

(In cooperation with Leiden University, The Netherlands)
View brochure Industrial Ecology

Integrated Product Design*

View brochure Integrated Product Design

Life Science & Technology

View brochure Life Science & Technology

Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering

View brochure Msc Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering

View brochure Materials Science & Engineering

Offshore and Dredging Engineering

View brochure Offshore and Dredging Engineering

Science Education & Communication (4TU)

Science Education / Lerarenopleiding
Science Communication

Strategic Product Design*

View brochure Strategic Product Design

Sustainable Energy Technology (3TU)

View brochure Sustainable Energy Technology

Systems & Control (4TU)

View brochure Systems & Control

Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TIL)

Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TIL)


* These degree programmes start twice a year. Check the programme website for more information