TU Delft Wind Energy Institute (DUWIND)

Research on wind energy at the Delft University of Technology began 30 years ago, starting with the tip vane project, an aerodynamic research project at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Nowadays DUWIND is the wind energy research organization of the Delft University of Technology. Its research program covers almost all aspects of modern wind turbine technology, and is undertaken across 5 faculties in 13 groups. Each of the research groups at these faculties has its own specific expertise, but an increasing number of research questions require a multi-disciplinary approach. This is why DUWIND was established in August 1999 as a new interfaculty research organization, specifically for wind energy

Interfaculty organization

DUWIND is Delft’s second interfaculty organization for research on renewable energy. The Delft Institute for Sustainable Energy (DISE), is dedicated to decentralized production, storage en use of sustainable energy systems. The decentralized conversion and storage of wind energy in the built environment is a coordinated activity of both DUWIND and DISE.


DUWIND at present comprises approximately 55 (full time equivalent) researchers, among them 30 PhD students. The focus of DUWIND program is on the development of turbine and wind farm technology, ranging from basic research through technology development to design support for the industry.


DUWIND is not a stand-alone organization. It co-operates closely with the wind energy group of the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN. Many projects are performed jointly, and mutual use is made of the research facilities. DUWIND and ECN together form the Dutch node of the European Academy of Wind Energy EAWE. In most of the research projects international co-operation is present, through the framework of the European Community and the International Energy Agency.


DUWIND also provides courses for students and for professionals in the wind energy industry. Aerospace Engineering is the coordinating faculty of DUWIND.