WindSim stands for Windturbine Simulation package and is developed during the project: “Windturbine simulatiepakket als lesmateriaal voor Duurzame Energie docenten”

(partially financed by Senter-Novem, 2020-03-14-20-008).

More information

The Dutch national goal is to have 6 GW of wind energy installed in 2020. In order to reach this goal many engineers will be required for planning, design, installation and operation & maintenance. At several universities, high schools and institutes wind energy lectures and courses are given. Last years several handbooks on wind energy (e.g. Wind Energy Explained - Theory, Design and application; J.F. Manwell et al.; John Wiley, 2002) have come available to be used as course material. However there is still a need for student assignments especially related to design issues. The simulation code WindSim has been developed for that purpose: students can obtain experience with design problems by application of the WindSim software. Teachers are able to formulate their specific design assignments which can be addressed by the students with the aid of WindSim.

WindSim models the most important aerodynamic (i.e. BEM, stall, aerodynamic damping) and dynamic features of modern wind turbines, so realistic simulations can be performed. See DESCRIPTIONS for detailed information on the applied models. WindSim is available both as Matlab routines (optimization and control toolbox required) and Simulink models. See MANUAL for user guidelines to deal with the Matlab routines.  All main wind turbine components (rotor, tower, transmission and generator) are included in WindSim, so experience can be gained with all relevant design and modeling issues. Furthermore WindSim can be used in order to design a control system and to do a (simple) fatigue analysis. Each teacher can use WindSim for his/her own purposes by specifying certain student assignments. Examples of student assignments are available.

WindSim can be obtained, free of charge, at Delft University by filling out the APPLICATION form. An idea of what WindSim is about is given by this DEMO. Type "demo_windsim" in the Matlab command window; please note just the "cp-lambda" option is available in this demo version.