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The Delft Young Academy aims at forming a vibrant community of Young Academics at TU Delft. To achieve its goals, the DYA organizes different type of events:

1. Community and Social Events: These gatherings aim to foster connections, share information, and gather feedback from the entire community. They encompass the kick-off event, the launch event, the introduction of new board members, and other social gatherings.

2. Topical Lunches: These are informal lunch meetings with a predefined discussion topic, where lunch is provided for registered participants. Topical lunches serve as a platform for DYA community members to engage with each other, explore relevant subjects in a welcoming atmosphere, and are hosted in various faculty locations, allowing participants to explore the university's diverse campus.

3. Subcommunity Events: DYA aims to organize specialized events tailored to the unique interests and needs of the distinct subcommunities within its network, such as postdocs, young parents, and individuals with a focus on teaching. It  For instance, a career event was organized exclusively for postdocs to assist with their career development.

DYA Events Calendar 2023-24   


DYA Event 

Event Details 

11th March 2024 

Topical Lunch 

Title: Diversity and Inclusion at Delft University of Technology

Speaker: Claudia Werker, Associate Professor, TPM

Register here for the lunch

April 2024 

Topical Lunch

Date TBD. More details soon 

14th May 2024

Topical Lunch 

More details soon 

13th June 2024 

DYA Annual Summer Event

Date TBD. More details soon 

1st July 2024 

Early Career Researchers Day 

Register here

Registration deadline: 31-05-2024

Do you have a nice topic in mind for a lunch event or do you want to provide a presentation? Please feel free to reach out!