12 december 2018

‘Genezende’ waterstralen voor kraakbeenschade in gewrichten

Met waterstralen uit een soort mini-douchekop, kun je kraakbeenschade in gewrichten behandelen, zo toonde onderzoeker Steven den Dunnen aan. Dit heeft belangrijke voordelen, zoals een grotere flexibiliteit, ten opzichte van de gebruikelijke methode. Den Dunnen promoveert op woensdag 12 december aan de TU Delft.

11 december 2018

2018 George Nicholson Paper Award

The George Nicholson Student Paper Competition, arguably the most prestigious student award in the operations research community, is held each year since 1975 to honor outstanding student papers in the field of operations research and the management sciences. Viet Anh, a visiting PhD student at TU Delft and co-supervised by Peyman Mohajerin Esfahani, is the first winner from a European university. He received the 2018 Nicholson Award for the paper “Distributionally Robust Inverse Covariance Estimation: The Wasserstein Shrinkage Estimator”.

11 december 2018

Renewable Energy Systems - The Next Step Forward

Replacing large coal and nuclear power plants with renewable resources, especially wind and solar energy implicitly emphasised an increased use of ICT to control, monitor and protect future power systems; the final goal being to provide cheap and clean energy through a power system that operates with high levels of reliability and security of supply. This is reflected in what has become a generally accepted definition of a smart grid.