Projects of the Open Science Programme

In 2019, the Executive Board of TU Delft endorsed the Strategic Plan Open Science 2020 - 2024 ‘Research and Education in the Open Era’. Over the four years, the university will further its efforts to make open research and education a standard part of scientific practice.

The Programme consists of seven interrelated projects: 

  • Open Education
  • Open Access
  • Open Publishing Platform
  • Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) Data
  • FAIR Software
  • Open Hardware
  • Citizen Science

Each project will address three preconditions for successful implementation: ensuring appropriate rewards and recognition, facilitating fruitful collaboration with third parties and equipping stakeholders with relevant skills. These are therefore incorporated in the programme as cross-cutting themes for all seven projects. We have also introduced a pilot cross-cutting theme in 2022 to explore and appropriately address the implications of open science on ethics and research integrity, which, if succesful, will become an integral part of the programme from 2023.

To learn more about the aims, scopes and deliverables of the individual projects and themes, please read the latest workplan.

7 vertical pillars and 4 horizon pillars all in different colours to represent the 11 projects and cross-cutting themes of the open science programme

The Programme aims to create and pilot resources to support our research and education community in this transition to open. These resources include:

All outputs of the Programme will be made as FAIR as possible. The Programme office strives to engage and work closely with stakeholders at faculties, research institutes, university offices as well as external partners to ensure that the Programme’s output is well embedded and that the needs of our researchers, teachers, students and staff continue to be the main driver of the Programme’s development.


Portfolio Holder

Prof.dr. Rob Mudde

Steering Committee Jan Dirk Jansen


Dr. Irene Haslinger

Portrait of Sacha Kroonenberg

Drs. A. (Sacha) Kroonenberg

Programme Manager

Dr. ir. F. D. (Franklin) van der Hoeven

Programme Office

Programme Manager

Dr. ir. F. D. (Franklin) van der Hoeven

Executive Secretary

Anke Versteeg

Communication Advisor

Annet Zorge


Martha Otte

Project Leads

Open Access

Just de Leeuwe

Open Publishing

Alenka Prinčič

Open Education & Skills

Nicole Will

Open Education

Michiel de Jong


Marta Teperek

FAIR Software

Meta Keijzer-de Ruijter

FAIR Software

Mark Schenk

Citizen Science

Sabine Kunst

Open Hardware

Santosh Ilamparuthi

Rewards & Recognition in the Open Era

Ingrid Vos

Fruitful Collaboration with Third Parties

Rianne van den Bogerd

Fruitful Collaboration with Third Parties

Derya Ada

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