Opening academic year 2018-2019

On Monday 3 September we celebrated the Opening Academic Year together with our students, colleagues and other guests. The theme was ‘Unchain your inner superhero'. Rob Mudde opened the event and inspired our new students to use their study years at TU Delft to find out where their ambitions lie and to become a superhero in their own way. Barry Fitzgerald, Aimee van Wynsberghe and Sanne Wiersma, all superheroes who work at TU Delft, discussed how technology has the potential to make us into super humans, and scientists inspired by superhero fiction are already making it happen. But they also talked about how superpowers come with responsibilities. In fiction it is always easy to tell who the villains are, and who the heroes. In real life, the boundaries are not so clear. How superhuman should we become? And who decides?