Open Education

| About

TU Delft has adopted the definition of the Open Education Consortium.

“Open education encompasses resources, tools and practices that employ a framework of open sharing to improve educational access and effectiveness worldwide.”

The project supports teachers in adopting and adapting teaching and learning methods through open education. It also helps to keep education accessible and affordable for students. The project builds on current practices such as Open Courseware and MOOCs. Support includes training, advice, tools and infrastructures, for instance for sharing and reusing teaching materials.

| Importance

  • Currently TU Delft is an international frontrunner in Open Education (as mentioned in MIT report). This benefits our reputation and makes us an attractive university to work and study.
  • Open Education has been an important driver for innovating and improving our university education.
  • With the rising costs for students, open education can contribute to keep education accessible and affordable and makes it even more flexible.
  • Open education can give teachers a wider audience that will bring them more recognition and appreciation.
  • Open Education contributes to less vendor lock in and costs when changing tooling; more flexibility to profit from and keep up with innovations in the supporting (education) technology.