Alumni for alumni, keynote note, 19 January 2021

On January 19, we organise a keynote by TU Delft alumna Dr. Ir. Nadine Bongaerts. She is a synthetic biologist who bridges the world of science with business & society. During her online talk Nadine shares how synthetic biology is the next ‘industrial revolution’ and provides details about her job for a start-up developing foie gras based on stem cells!

You will get a holistic overview of the opportunities and challenges related to meat and especially foie gras / poultry meat. Importantly, you will understand how cultured meat can positively impact our environment and how cultured meat is perceived by consumers. 

The keynote will be followed by Q&A and room for an interactive discussion.

About this event

19 January 2021
Time (Central European Time)
20:00 hours
Online event

Please note that we have a maximum capacity of 100 participants for this activity, if necessary a waiting list will be created.