Informal gatherings hosted by alumni, for alumni

Our alumni community has exceeded the 110,000 mark and about 20% of these alumni live outside of the Netherlands. Coming back to campus for our yearly Xperience Day or a Backstage Campus Tour isn’t really an option for these alumni. So how do you stay connected with fellow alumni when you live far away? Simply join our Event in a box concept! Event in a box is our way of helping alumni all over the world to easily organise their own alumni events. Twice a year, we have a summer and Sinterklaas edition, we ask our alumni (volunteers) to host an informal alumni get-together. These alumni volunteers receive a box containing all the tools they need to organise a successful alumni gathering, wherever they live. We will make sure there are plenty of Dutch snacks and a fun game, and the participants only have to pay for their own drinks.

Locations of the summer edition of Event in a box

What is expected from alumni volunteers?

  • Be our main point of contact for this event
  • Pick a date, time and place for the event
  • Be the host during the event
  • Help us spread the invitation

What will we do? Everything else!

  • Send out invitations for the event to alumni
  • Take care of all the registrations
  • Fill a box with everything you need for the event
  • Send the box right to your doorstep

What is in the box?

That depends on the edition! For the summer edition, we make sure there are plenty of Dutch snacks (stroopwafels, cheese nibbels, etc.). For the December "Sinterklaas" edition, of course the box will be filled with pepernoten, marzipan and other Sinterklaas treats. With each edition, we add a game or activity so you can connect with fellow alumni in a fun way (this is optional).