Inspiring Dialogues

By alumni for students

So you’re going to be an engineer? But what’s next? For some opportunities seem endless, making it impossible to choose. Others are still looking for the perfect career path. Whatever position you might be in, good examples, best-practices and role models always give some sense of direction and insight into the possibilities that lie ahead of you. Fortunately Delft University of Technology (DUT) has some wonderful and successful alumni, and we want you to meet them!

The Alumni Relations Office and Studium Generale have launched a new series called Inspiring Dialogues: interactive interviews with renowned DUT alumni giving you, the students, a chance to meet and talk to inspiring personalities that will help you skyrocket your career!

After two successful sessions, we will be back to continue the series in October! You can relive the first two sessions by clicking on the links below. You can also read more about Mickey Huibregtsen or Ionica Smeets by clicking on their name or image.

We look forward to welcome you again in October 2019!

Go watch the recording of Mickey Huibregtsen here.

Go watch the recording of Ionica Smeets here.