About Allerd Stikker

Allerd Stikker (1928) received his master’s degree in chemical technology at TU Delft in 1953. From 1953 to 1983 he worked in the chemicals company AKZO (member executive board) and the shipbuilding company RSV (CEO). In 1986 he received a MA degree in religious studies at Leeds University (UK).Since then he worked in the not for profit sector (Ecological Management Foundation and Valley Foundation) focusing on the relationship between economy, ecology, technology and evolution in theory and practise.He published 8 books, the last of which is ‘Code Orange for life on Earth; Opportunities and threats arising from the innovation explosion in the context of evolution’.

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Allerd Stikker

Alumnus (AS Graduate)
Speaker for Inspiring Dialogues
8 October 2019

Location 8 October

Landbergstraat 19
2628 CE Delft