Online Career Café for students on 24 November 2021

On Wednesday 24 November we are hosting the next online Career Café for Students from 19.45 – 22.00 (CET). At this ‘speed date like’ event, students can ask career related questions to TU Delft alumni and learn from their experiences. This way, we aim to help them to better prepare for their first steps on the job market.


19.45 – 20.00 Introduction of the event
20.00 - 21.30 Three Breakout sessions. In each session you will talk to a new group of 4 students
21.30 - 21.45 Plenary: Sharing of key learnings 
21.45 - 22.00 Breakout session based on different working fields


Want to be an alumni coach?

We are looking for alumni (still active in the labour market and graduated at least 5 years ago) who would like to share their professional experiences with our students. The career path you have taken and the choices you have made, could all be of inspiration to the new generation of Delft engineers. At the start of their professional lives, they can learn a lot from alumni like you. Why did you choose to work in your specific field? Is there anything you would have done differently? And what tips would you like to pass on?

We expect from our alumni coaches to enjoy sharing their experience with students and dare asking them critical questions. The event is open for both Dutch and international students so you need to be comfortable communicating in English.

We will give further instructions and tips on how to coach via an online workshop on 16 November from 20.00 – 21.00.

Register here as an alumni coach

About the online Career Café

During 3 rounds of speed dating, students will have the opportunity to talk to alumni from various working fields: from start-ups to academia and from corporate to governmental organizations. This hopefully will give them a good perspective on the different types of companies/institutions they could work for.

After these 3 rounds we start the informal networking part of the event where students can choose who they would like to talk to.

The time that the alumni dedicated to be with us was immensely helpful and made a huge impact on the way I will be connecting with recruiters and professionals in the future.

TU Delft Student

Insight and motivation and a lot of reassurance that everything will be okay and that the position that you are in after graduating from TU Delft is way better than you realize.

TU Delft Student

I wanted to give something back to the university and connect with the students to see what is going on

TU Delft Alumni Coach