TU Delft alumni Sinterklaasborrel Mexico City

It is that time of the year again! Back in the Netherlands the days are getting shorter and the temperature keeps dropping. Supermarkets have stocked up on pepernoten and chocolate letters and the discussion on which pepernoten taste best (chocolate-covered or not) has been held several times already. This can only mean one thing… Sinterklaas will be visiting our small country soon. And also yours won't be forgotten!

We would love to invite you for the TU Delft alumni Sinterklaas event on Friday 9 December in Mexico City! This event is hosted by local alumni Hugo Cruz, Gustavo Alva and Angela López and gives you the perfect opportunity to meet up with fellow alumni in Mexico to celebrate this Dutch tradition. They hope to see you all at La Secina at 20:00 (Central Standard Time).

The event is part of our programme 'Event in a box', where local alumni host their own alumni gatherings, with some help from TU Delft Alumni Relations. For this Sinterklaas edition, we will make sure there are enough pepernoten, Taai Taai's and candy, but you will have to pay for your own drinks. If you want to join this event, please register before Wednesday 7 December.


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