Digital Society 1 July 2020

Automation and robotisation instill much uncertainty with people for their jobs. However research shows that sustainable employment with human-robot co-production can be a reality. Explore robotics and automation, cognitive systems and advanced human-machine interfaces. Learn about ‘Operator 4.0’ and the future of employment.

Will robots take our jobs?

What options does the future hold for jobs in manufacturing and other areas?

About the speaker

Doris Aschenbrenner is an assistant professor at the department Design Engineering in the section Internet of Things. 

Doris works on robotics and automation, cognitive systems and advanced human-machine interfaces like Augmented and Virtual Reality. Her main research interest is to create sustainable employment within the fourth industrial revolution. This is possible if we are able to develop the "Operator 4.0" who is supported by technology so that he or she can enhance the physical, sensing and cognitive abilities. The intelligent production system can be described as a smart cyber-physical system which works in an interdependent teamwork configuration together with human workers (Human Cyber-Physical Production System HCPPS). She is a member of the GI, the ASME, and the IEEE.



About this event

1 July 2020
Time (Central European Time)
14:00 hours
Online event

Please note that we have a maximum capacity of 100 participants for this activity, if necessary a waiting list will be created.


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