Willem Korthals Altes

Hoogleraar Grondbeleid

Civiele Techniek & Geowetenschappen

- Name
Afdeling / sectie
- Department / Section
Prof.dr.ir. B. van Arem Transport & planning
BProf.dr. H.L.M.  Bakker Integral Design and Management
Prof.dr.ir. M. Bakker Water Resources
 Prof.dr. W. G. M. Bastiaanssen Water Resources
Prof.dr. G. Bertotti Applied Geology
Prof.dr.ir. K. van Breugel Materials & Environment
Prof.dr. D.F. BruhnPetroleum Engineering
CProf.dr.ir. F.H.L.R. Clemens Sanitary Engineering
DProf.dr.ir. R.P.B.J. Dollevoet  Railway Engineering
EProf.dr. L.G. Evers Applied Geophysics & Petrophysics
 Prof.dr.ir. S.M.J.G. Erkens Pavement Engineering
GProf.dr. K. GavinGeo-Engineering
 Prof.dr.ir. B. M. Geerken Dean
 Prof.dr.ir. N.C. van de GiesenWater Resources
HProf.dr. M.P. Hagenzieker Transport & planning
 Prof.dr.ir. R. Hanssen Geoscience and Remote Sensing 
Prof.dr.ir. T.J. Heimovaara Geo-Engineering 
Prof.dr.ir. M.J.C.M. Hertogh  Integral Design and Management
Prof.dr. M.A. Hicks  Geo-Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. J.P. van der Hoek Sanitairy Engineering
Prof.ir. P. Hoogeboom Geoscience and Remote Sensing
Prof.dr.ir. S.P. Hoogendoorn Transport & planning 
Prof.dr.ir. D.A. Hordijk Structural and Building Engineering
Prof.ir. A.Q.C. v.d. Horst Structural and Building Engineering
JProf.dr.ir. J.D. Jansen Petroleum Engineering
Prof.dr. C. Jommi Geo-Engineering
Prof.dr. H. Jonker Geoscience and Remote Sensing 
Prof.dr.ir. S.N. Jonkman  Hydraulic Engineering 
Prof. M.D. Kennedy Watermanagement 
 Prof.dr. R. Klees Geoscience and Remote Sensing 
Prof.dr.ir. M. Kok  Hydraulic Engineering
  Prof.ir. C. P. J. W. van Kruijsdijk Petroleum Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. J.W.G. van de Kuilen  Structural and Building Engineering
Prof.dr. P. Levelt Geoscience and Remote Sensing 
 Prof.dr.ir. J.B. van Lier Sanitairy Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. J.W.C. van LintTransport & planning
MProf.dr. M.W. McClainWater Resources
Prof.dr. G.J. Medema Sanitairy Engineering
Prof.dr. J.W. van de MeerHydraulic Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. W.G.J. van der Meer  Sanitairy Engineering
Prof.dr. A.V. Metrikine Structural Mechanics
Prof.dr. W.A. Mulder Applied Geophysics & Petrophysics
NProf.dr.ir. R. Nijsse Structural and Building Engineering
PProf.dr. J.D. Pietrzak  Fluid Mechanics 
 Prof.dr. R.B. Polder Materials & Environment
RProf.dr.ir. A.J.H.M. Reniers Fluid Mechanics
 Prof.dr. P.C. Rem  Materials & Environment
  Prof.dr.ir. C. van Rhee Hydraulic Engineering 
Prof.dr.ir. L.C. Rietveld Sanitairy Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. J. A. Roelvink Hydraulic Engineering 
Prof.dr.ir.  E. de RomphTransport & Planning 
Prof.dr. W.R. Rossen Petroleum Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. J.G. Rots Structural Mechanics
Prof.dr.ir. H. Russchenberg Geoscience and Remote Sensing  
SProf.dr.ir. H.H.G. Savenije Water Resources
Prof.dr.ir. A. Scarpas Pavement Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. E. Schlangen Materials & Environment
Prof.dr.ir. E.C. Slob Applied Geophysics & Petrophysics
Prof.dr.ir. L.J. Sluys Structural Mechanics
Prof.dr. A.P. Siebesma Geoscience and Remote Sensing   
Prof.dr. D.P. SolomatineWatermanagement 
Prof.dr.ir. M.J.F. Stive Hydraulic Engineering 
Prof.dr. P.J. Stuijfzand Geo-Engineering
TProf.dr.ir. L.A. TavasszyTransport & Planning
 Prof.dr.ir. P. TeunissenGeoscience and Remote Sensing  
Prof.dr. S. Uhlenbrook   Water Resources
  Prof.dr.ir. W.S.J. Uijttewaal Fluid Mechanics
VProf. M. VeljkovicStructural and Building Engineering
  Prof.ir. T Vellinga Hydraulic Engineering 
Prof.dr. L.L.A. VermeersenGeoscience and Remote Sensing
Prof.dr. W. van Vierssen Water Resources
Prof.dr.ir. C.P.A. Wapenaar Applied Geophysics & Petrophysics
Prof.dr.ir. Z.B.Wang Hydraulic Engineering 
Prof.dr.ir. J.C. Winterwerp Fluid Mechanics
Prof.dr.ir. A.R.M. WolfertIntegral Design and Management
Prof.dr.ir. P. van der Zaag Watermanagement
  Prof.dr.ir. C. ZevenbergenHydraulic Engineering
Prof.dr. P.L.J. Zitha Petroleum Engineering

Elektrotechniek, Wiskunde en Informatica

Prof.dr.ir. K.I. AardalOptimization+31 15 27 85093
Prof.dr.ir.P.BauerDC systems, Energy conversion & Storage+31 15 27 84654
Prof.dr.ir. K.L.M. BertelsComputer Engineering+31 15 27 81632
Prof.dr. E. CharbonApplied Quantum Architectures+31 15 27 83667
Prof.dr.ir. R. DekkerElectronic Components, Technology and Materials+31 15 27 81252
Prof.dr. E. De KlerkOptimization+31 15 27 86557
Prof.dr.ir. E.L.C. DeleersnijderMathematical Physics+31 15 27 88614
Prof.dr. B. de PagterAnalysis+31 15 27 85809
Prof.dr.ing. L.C.N. de VreedeElectronics+31 15 27 86187
Prof.dr. E. EisemannComp Graphics & Visualisation+31 15 27 82528
Prof.dr.ir. D.H.J. EpemaDistributed Systems+31 15 27 83853
Prof.dr. J.A. FerreiraElectrical Sustainable Energy+31 15 27 86220
Prof.dr. P.J. FrenchElectronic Instrumentation+31 15 27 84729
Prof.dr. C. GiardinàApplied Probability
Prof.dr.ir. S. HamdiouiComputer Engineering+31 15 27 83643
Prof.dr. A. HanjalicMultimedia Computing+31 15 27 83084
Prof.dr. P.H. HartelCyber Security+31 15 27 84352
Prof.dr.ir. A.W. HeeminkMathematical Physics+31 15 27 85813
Prof.dr. H.P. HofsteeComputer Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. G.J.P.M. HoubenWeb Information Systems+31 15 27 85953
Prof.dr.ir. G. JongbloedStatistics+31 15 27 85111
Prof.dr. C.M. JonkerInteractive Intelligence +31 15 27 81315
Prof.dr. W.B. KleijnCircuits and Systems+31 15 27 83544
Prof.dr.ir. R.E. KooijNetwork Architectures and Services+31 15 27 85393
Prof.dr.ir. R.L. LagendijkCyber Security+31 15 27 83731
Prof.dr. K.G. LangendoenEmbedded Software+31 15 27 87666
Prof.dr.ir. J.A. La PoutréIntelligent Electrical Power Grids+31 15 27 84178
Prof.dr.ir. B.P.F. LelieveldtPattern Recognition and Bioinformatics+31 15 27 85114
Prof.dr.ir. G.J.T. LeusCircuits and Systems+31 15 27 84327
Prof.dr. K.A.A. MakinwaElectronic Instrumentation+31 15 27 86466
Prof.dr. C.A.M. MarijnenPattern Recognition and Bioinformatics 
Prof.dr. H.J.M. MeijerWeb information Systems+31 15 27 87486
Prof.dr. M.A. NeerincxInteractive Intelligence+31 15 27 87106
Prof.dr.ing. A. NetoTera-Hertz Sensing+31 15 27 88330
Prof.dr.ir. C.W. OosterleeNumerical Analysis+31 15 27 88283
Prof.dr. P. PalenskyIntelligent Electrical Power Grids+31 15 27 88341
Prof.dr. F.H.J. RedigApplied Probability+31 15 27 89706
Prof.dr.ir. M.J.T. ReindersPattern Recognition and Bioinformatics+31 15 27 86424
Prof.dr. R. RossDC systems, Energy conversion & Storage 
Prof.dr.ir. P.M. SarroElektronische Componenten, Technologie en Materialen+31 15 27 87708
Prof.dr.ir. W.A. SerdijnBio-Electronics+31 15 27 81715
Prof.dr.ir. A.H.M. SmetsPhotovoltaoc Materials and Devices+31 15 27 88739
Prof.dr. R.B. StaszewskiElectronics+31 15 27 83826
Prof.dr.ing. A.J.P. TheuwissenElectronic Instrumentation+31 15 27 89464
Prof.dr.ir. J. van den BergCyber Security +31 15 27 82794
Prof.ir. M.A.M.M. van der MeijdenIntelligent Electrical Power Grids+31 15 27 88907
Prof.dr.ir. A.J. van der VeenCircuits and Systems+31 15 27 86240
Prof.dr. A. van DeursenSoftware Engineering+31 15 27 82486
Prof.dr. R.C.H.J. van HamPattern Recognition and Bioinformatics+31 15 27 8
Prof.dr.ir. P.F.A. Van MieghemNetwork Architectures and Services+31 15 27 82397
Prof.dr. J.M.A.M. van NeervenAnalysis+31 15 27 86599
Prof.dr.ir. D.M. van SolingenSoftware Engineering+31 15 27 87750
Prof.dr. C.S. VaucherElectronics+31 15 27 87088
Prof.dr.ir. M. VerlaanMathematical Physics+31 15 27 83851
Prof.dr. E. VisserProgramming Languages+31 15 27 87088
Prof.dr. T.D. Visser 
Prof.dr.ir. C. VuikNumerical Analysis+31 15 27 85530
Prof.dr. A.W. WeeberPhotovoltaic Materials and Devices
Prof.dr. S.D.C. WehnerQuantum Information and Software+31 15 27 87746
Prof.dr. L.F.A. WesselsPattern Recognition and Bioinformatics
Prof.dr. C. WitteveenAlgorithmics+31 15 27 82521
Prof.dr. O. YarovyiMicrowave Sensing, Signals & Systems+31 15 27 82496
Prof.dr. M. ZemanPhotovoltaoc Materials and Devices+31 15 27 82409
Prof.dr. G.Q. ZhangElectronic Components, Technology and Materials+31 15 27 89495

Emeritus Professors

Prof.dr. J.M. AartsAnalysis+31 15 27 85399
Prof.dr. C.I.M. BeenakkerElektronische Componenten, Technologie en Materialen+31 15 27 83868
Prof.dr.ir. J. BiemondMultimedia Computing
Prof.dr. P.P.J.E. ClementAnalysis+31 15 27 84114
Prof.dr. R.M. CookeApplied Probability+31 15 27 82548
Prof.dr. F.M. DekkingApplied Probability+31 15 27 83259
Prof.dr.ir. P.M.R.J.O. DewildeCircuits and Systems
Prof.dr.ir. J.L.G. DietzWeb Information Systems
Prof.dr. P. GroeneboomStatistics+31 15 27 84517
Prof.ir. G. HonderdManagement Support
Prof.dr.ir. F.W. Jansen +31 15 27 85517
Prof. F. Le ChevalierMicrowave Sensing, Signals & Systems+31 15 27 85055
Prof.dr.ir. G.C.M. MeijerElectronic Instrumentation+31 15 27 86174
Prof.dr.ir. I.G.M.M. Niemegeers 
Prof.dr. G.J.OlsderOptimization+31 15 27 81912
Prof.dr.ir. H.J. SipsDistributed Systems+31 15 27 81670
Prof.dr. J.J. Smit +31 15 27 84231
Prof. P. van GenderenMicrowave Sensing, Signals & Systems+31 15 27 85055
Prof.dr.ir. W.L. van der PoelSoftware Engineering+31 15 27 84131
Prof.ir. L. van der Sluis +31 15 27 85782
Prof.dr.ir. J. van Katwijk +31 15 27 84562
Prof.dr.ir. J.H. van SchuppenMathematical Physics+31 15 27 87293

Guest Professors

Prof.dr.ing. S.H. Bedeaux . . . . . .Electronic Components, Technology and Materials .   . . .+31 15 27 85943
Dr. J.A.M. van der WeideApplied Probability+31 15 27 87286
Prof.dr. J. van MillAnalysis+31 15 27 84560

Industrieel Ontwerpen

Luchtvaart- en Ruimtevaarttechniek

At the faculty of Aerospace Engineering researchers – from Full Professors to PhD and master students – work on new knowledge and technology in the areas of aerospace engineering and related areas such as materials and wind energy. They collaborate widely with the industry and SMEs, for example by joining forces in European consortia, by  making available research facilities or by doing contract research. This page gives you quick and easy access to the Professor you’re looking for.

Techniek Bestuur en Management

Prof.dr. Kornelis Blok

Energie & Industrie

Prof.dr. Frances Brazier

Systeemkunde en Simulatie

Prof.dr. Karel Brookhuis

Transport en Logistiek

Prof.dr.ir. Caspar Chorus

Transport en Logistiek

Prof.dr.mr.ir. Neelke Doorn

Ethiek / Filosofie van de Techniek

Prof.dr. Marina van Geenhuizen

Economie van Technologie en Innovatie

Prof.dr.ir. Pieter van Gelder


Prof.dr. Dirk Helbing

Prof.dr.ir. Paulien Herder

Energie & Industrie

Prof.mr.dr. Ernst ten Heuvelhof

Beleidskunde, Organisatie, Recht en Gaming

Prof.dr. Jeroen van den Hoven

Ethiek / Filosofie van de Techniek

Prof.dr.ir. Marijn Janssen

Informatie en Communicatie Technologie

Prof.dr. Frans Klijn


Prof.dr.ir. Peter Kroes

Ethiek / Filosofie van de Techniek

Prof.dr.ir. Zofia Lukszo

Energie & Industrie

Prof.dr.ir. Ibo van de Poel

Ethiek / Filosofie van de Technologie

Prof.dr.ir. Andrea Ramirez Ramirez

Energie & Industrie

Prof.dr.ir. Genserik Reniers


Prof.dr.ir. Lori Tavasszy

Transport en Logistiek

Prof.dr.ir. Wil Thissen


Prof.dr.ir. Alexander Verbraeck


Prof.dr. Bartel van de Walle


Prof.dr.ir. Hans Wamelink


Prof.dr. Bert van Wee

Transport en Logistiek

Prof.dr.ir. Margot Weijnen

Energie & Industrie

Emeritus Hoogleraren

Prof.dr. Ben Ale


Prof.dr.ir. Jan van den Berg

Informatie en Communicatie Technologie

Prof.dr. John Groenewegen

Economie van Technologie en Innovatie

Technische Natuurwetenschappen

A Prof. dr. ir. H.E.A. v.d. Akker Transport Phenomena 
Prof. dr. I.W.C.E. Arends Biocatalysis
B Prof.dr.ir. E.P.A.M. Bakkers  Quantum Transport
Prof. dr. ir. G.E.W. Bauer Theoretische Natuurkunde
Prof. dr. F.J. Beekman Radiation Detection & Medical imaging
Prof. dr. P.M. van den Berg Akoestische Beeldvorming 
Prof. Dr. Y.M. Blanter Theoretische Natuurkunde
Prof. dr. ir. J.J.M. Braat Optica
Prof. dr. D Brdanovic Environmental Biotechnology
Prof. dr. E.H. Brück Fundamental Aspects of Materials and Energy
D Prof. dr. B. Dam  Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

Prof. dr. C. Dekker


Prof. dr. N.H. Dekker

Prof. dr. A.M. Dogterom Bionanoscience
Prof. dr. P. Dorenbos Radiation Detection and medical imaging
E Prof. dr. A.H. Engel Bionanoscience
Prof. dr. J.H. van Esch Advanced Soft Matter Group
F Prof. dr. J.T. Fokkema Akoestische Beeldvorming 
G Prof. dr. J.J.C. Geerlings Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
Prof. dr. A. Gisolf Akoestische Beeldvorming
H Prof. dr. W.R. Hagen Biocatalysis
Prof. dr. ir. T.H.J.J. van der Hagen Decaan Faculteit Tecnische Natuurwetenschappen
Prof. dr. U. Hanefeld Biocatalysis
Prof.dr.ir. R. Hanson Quantum Transport
Prof. dr. ir. J.J. Heijnen Cell Systems Engineering
J Prof. dr. M.S.M. Jetten Environmental Biotechnology
Prof.dr.ir. N. de Jong  Akoestische Beeldvorming  
K Prof. dr. F. Kapteijn Catalysis Engineering
Prof. dr. ir. T.M. Klapwijk Fysica van Nano-electronica
Prof. dr. ir. C.R. Kleijn Transport Phenomena 
Prof.dr.ir. J.L. Kloosterman Nuclear Energy and Radiation Applications
Prof. dr. R.J.M. Konings Nuclear Energy and Radiation Applications
Prof. dr. ir. L.P. Kouwenhoven Quantum Transport
Prof. dr. M.T. Kreutzer Product & Process Engineering (PPE)
Prof. dr. ir. P. Kruit Deeltjesoptica
Prof. dr. J.G. Kuenen Environmental Biotechnology
L Prof. dr. ir. M.C.M. van Loosdrecht Environmental Biotechnology
M Prof.dr. L. Manna Molecular Electronics and Devices
Prof. dr. R.F. Mudde Transport Phenomena 
Prof. dr. F.M. Mulder Fundamental Aspects of Materials and Energy
N Prof. dr. Y.V. Nazarov Theoretische Natuurkunde

Prof. dr. W.J. Niessen

Quantitative Imaging
Prof. dr. ir. H.J. Noorman Bioprocess Engineering
O Prof. dr. P. Osseweijer Biotechnology and Society
P Prof. dr. C. Pappas Neutron and Positron Methods in Materials
Prof.dr. P.J. Peters Hoge Resolutie Electronen Microscopie
Prof. dr. S.J. Picken Advanced Soft Matter
Prof. dr. P.C.M. Planken Optica
Prof. dr. J.T. Pronk Industriële Microbiologie
R Prof. dr. K. van ‘t Riet Bioprocess Engineering
S Prof. dr. I.M. de Schepper Radiation Radionuclides Reactors
Prof. dr. J. Schoonman (emeritus) Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
Prof. dr. A. Schmidt-Ott Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
Prof. dr. R.A. Sheldon Biocatalysis
Prof. dr. L.D.A. Siebbeles Opto-Electronic Materials
Prof. dr. E.J.R. Sudhölter Organic Materials & Interfaces
T Prof. dr. ir. S.J. Tans Bionanoscience
Prof. dr. H.J. Tanke Bionanoscience 
U Prof. dr. H.P. Urbach Optica
V Prof. dr. L.M.K. Vandersypen Quantum Transport
Prof. dr. P. Verhaert Analytische Biotechnologie
Prof. dr. ir. L.J. van Vliet Quantitative Imaging
Prof. dr. M.J. de Vries Science Education
Prof. dr. J.S. Vrouwenvelder Environmental Biotechnology
W Prof. dr. ir. L.A.M. van der Wielen Bioprocess Engineering
Prof. dr. A.J.M. van Wijk Fundamental Aspects of Materials and Energy
Prof. dr. G.J. Witkamp Environmental Biotechnology
Prof. dr. H.Th. Wolterbeek Radiation and Isotopes for Health
Y Prof. dr. I.T. Young Quantitative Imaging
Z Prof. dr. H.W. Zandbergen Hoge Resolutie Electronen Microscopie
Prof. dr. ir. H.S.J. van der Zant Molecular Electronics and Devices

Werktuigbouwkunde, Maritieme Techniek en Technische Materiaalkunde

 Naam Sectie
 B  Prof.dr. R. Babuska   Delft Centre for Systems and Control
Prof.dr.ir. A. Bakker Materials Science and Engineering
Prof.dr. H.L.M. Bakker Process & Energy
Prof.dr.ir. B.J. Boersma Process & Energy
Prof.dr. R. Boom Materials Science and Engineering
Dr.ir. P. Breedveld BioMechanical Engineering 
Prof.ir. J.P. van Buijtenen Process & Energy
D Prof.dr. J. Dankelman BioMechanical Engineering
E Prof.dr. B.E. Eckhardt Process & Energy
Prof.dr.ir. L.J. Ernst Precision and Microsystems Engineering
G Prof.dr.ir. C.A. Grimbergen BioMechanical Engineering
Prof.dr.ing. J. Gross Process & Energy
Prof.dr. M.A. Gutierrez De La Merced Precision and Microsystems Engineering
H Prof.dr.ir. J. Hellendoorn Delft Centre for Systems and Control
Prof.dr. F.C.T. van der Helm BioMechanical Engineering
Prof.dr. ir. R.A.W.M. Henkes Process & Energy
Prof.dr.ir. P.M.J. Van den Hof Delft Centre for Systems and Control
Prof.dr.ir. E.G.M. Holweg Delft Centre for Systems and Control
Prof.ir. J.J. Hopman Marine and Transport Technology
Prof.dr.ir. R.H.M. Huijsmans Marine and Transport Technology
J Prof.dr. F.W. Jansen Biomechanical Engineering
Prof.dr. G.C.A.M. Janssen Materials Science and Engineering
Dr.ir. P.P. Jonker BioMechanical Engineering
K Prof. dr. ir. M.L. Kaminski Marine and Transport Technology
Prof.ir. L. Katgerman Materials Science and Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. L.A.I. Kestens Materials Science and Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. A. van Keulen Precision and Microsystems Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. J.H.A. Kiel Thermo Chemical biomass conversion
Prof.dr.ing. S.H. Kjelstrup Process & Energy
Prof.dr.ir. H. van der Kooij BioMechanical Engineering
L Prof.dr.ir. G. Lodewijks Transport Engineering & Logistics
M Prof.ir. R.H. Munnig Schmidt Precision and Microsystems Engineering
O Prof.dr.ir. G. Ooms Process & Energy
R Prof.dr.ir. C. van Rhee Offshore & Dredging Engineering
Prof.dr. I.M. Richardson Materials Science and Engineering
Prof.ir. J.C. Rijsenbrij Transport Engineering & Logistics
Prof. dr. ir. D.J. Rixen Precision and Microsystems Engineering
Prof.dr. D.J.E.M. Roekaerts Process & Energy
S Prof.dr. C.W. Scherer Delft Centre for Systems and Control
Prof.dr.ir. B. De Schutter Delft Centre for Systems and Control
Prof.dr.ir. J. Sietsma Materials Science and Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. A.I. Stankiewicz Process & Energy
Prof.ir. D. Stapersma Marine and Transport Technology
Prof.dr. U. Staufer Micro and Nano Engineering
T Prof. dr. H.A. Terryn Corrosion Technology and Electrochemistry
  Prof.dr.ir. T.J.C. van Terwisga Marine and Transport Technology
Prof.dr. B.J. Thijsse Materials Science and Engineering
V Prof.dr.ir. E.R. Valstar BioMechanical Engineering
Prof.dr. H.E.J. Veeger BioMechanical Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. M.H.G. Verhaegen Delft Centre for Systems and Control
Prof.dr.ir. A.H.M. Verkooijen Materials Science and Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. T.J.H. Vlugt Engineering Thermodynamics
W Prof.dr.ir. H.H. Weinans BioMechanical Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. J. Westerweel Process & Energy
Prof.dr.ir. P.A. Wieringa BioMechanical Engineering
Prof. C.A. Willemse Offshore & Dredging Engineering
Prof.dr. J.H.W. de Wit Materials Science and Engineering