Activities DEWIS


DEWIS provides support and advice to various initiatives that promote diversity and inclusiveness. The DEWIS board meets monthly to exchange knowledge and discuss developments. 


DEWIS connects TU Delft staff with an interest in gender diversity and brings them into contact with each other. DEWIS maintains contact with the relevant units at the university, as well as with gender and diversity staff from other universities and umbrella organisations such as the Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH). DEWIS encourages and supports the creation of university networks, faculty consultations and other gender and diversity-related ideas. Policymakers at TU Delft can also call on the knowledge and expertise available within DEWIS.


DEWIS provides information about developments at TU Delft and aims to fulfil a bridging role. DEWIS pays annual visits to the faculties, during which a delegation from the DEWIS core group speaks with the Deans, HR staff and representatives from the DEWIS faculty networks on such topics as policy for female academics. DEWIS also provides information about activities at national level and to other universities, as well as on gender and diversity themes and relevant developments concerning the improvement of opportunities and possibilities for women in academic positions. 


DEWIS identifies current developments concerning the improvement of opportunities and possibilities for women in academic positions. DEWIS acts as a sounding board for the Executive Board and HR and can provide solicited and unsolicited advice. DEWIS identifies and promulgates good practices, and does the same regarding relevant developments at national level and to other universities.  


DEWIS organises activities with regard to gender diversity, networking events and an annual symposium, and pays attention to events of other bodies with similar objectives.

Every year, DEWIS organises a number of workshops and training courses for academics at TU Delft which help female academics in the choices they face in their career. In addition, DEWIS organises awareness workshops and training courses for all TU Delft staff members. You can find more information on the TU Delft intranet.