22 juli 2020

An interview with Ena Voûte, Dean of the faculty of IDE

DEWIS is interviewing academics at TU Delft to talk about diversity at work, women and academic leadership and inclusive, safe working environments. Today’s interview is with Ena Voûte, Professor and Dean of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

10 juli 2020

Virtual Coffee&Connect meetings

In April we started to offer our community the possibility to connect and share experiences about living and working in a 1.5 meter society. During our virtual Coffee&Connect meetings we could help each other by sharing best practices, reducing the feeling of isolation or simply getting to know each other. We will continue these meetings in September after the summer break. We thank everybody that has contributed to these meetings and whish everybody a good summer with lots of rest and enjoyment!

12 juni 2020


In light of the unfolding events around the world triggered by the brutal killing of George Floyd in the USA, TrueU and DEWIS wish to express their support for the ongoing protests against racism. TrueU and DEWIS strive for an inclusive and safe university for everyone. In our view it is not an option to look away and remain silent about the issue of racism. We aim to continue the urgent conversation on diversity and inclusion on our campus, with the executive board and with other TU Delft leaders. We need more awareness and actions to arrive at necessary changes.

18 mei 2020

‘We have a chance to reinvent ourselves.’ An interview with lecturer Maria Sovago.

Many of us are going through a difficult time at the moment. COVID-19 and the measures imposed by the Dutch government and TU Delft affect us all. Everyone is facing major challenges. We asked Dr Maria Sovago – lecturer in physics at the faculty of Applied Sciences and the founder of STRALIA – to share her experiences and best practices with us.

18 mei 2020

DEWIS board members talk about gender equality and diversity at TU Delft - Zofia Lukszo and Jantien Stoter

In this interview, we speak with Zofia Lukszo, Professor in Smart Energy Systems at the Faculty of TPM, and Jantien Stoter, Professor of 3D Geoinformation at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, about gender equality and diversity at TU Delft.

13 februari 2020

DEWIS board members talk about gender equality and diversity at TU Delft

In this interview, we talk with Andrea Ramirez Ramirez, Professor and director of the Graduate School at the faculty of TPM, and Maria Santofimia, Professor at the faculty of 3mE, about gender equality and diversity at TU Delft, their personal experiences and what they hope to achieve as a DEWIS board member.

16 december 2019

LNVH Monitor 2019: 16% female professors at TU Delft

16,1 percent of the professors at TU Delft are women. A slight increase (1.5 percentage points) compared to last year. The Netherlands has 23.1% female professors, according to the Women Professors Monitor 2019. The percentage of women is still decreasing at each ascending rung of the career ladder. The Netherlands scores poorly in Europe. We are listed 24th out of 28 EU countries. Work remains to be done.

16 december 2019

Interview with new DEWIS chair

DEWIS has a new chair, Femke Vossepoel, associate professor in the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. In this interview, we talk with Femke about gender equality and diversity at TU Delft and what she aims to achieve with DEWIS.

05 december 2019

Recognition and reward of academics: what does it mean for you?

The VSNU, NFU, KNAW, NWO and ZonMw published the position paper ‘Room for everyone’s talent: towards a new balance in the recognition and rewards for academics’ in which we indicate how we aim to more broadly recognise and reward the work of academic staff. This includes placing less emphasis on the number of publications, and a greater emphasis on the other domains in which the academic is active, such as education and impact.

17 oktober 2019

Proud to be a Delft Technology Fellow

In this interview we talk with Odette Scharenborg, Associate Professor and Delft Technology Fellow at the Multimedia Computing Group, about gender diversity in the workplace, women and academic leadership and inclusive, safe working environments.