Robotics Vision Team

A myriad of visions around robots exist, reflecting the hopes and worries from scientists, artists, philosophers and well.. from you and me. These visions often diverge, but one thing is sure: robotic technologies will increasingly affect our daily lives. What might this look like, and how do we include diverse perspectives to jointly shape a desirable future around robotic technologies?  

In spring 2020, Rector Magnificus prof. Tim van der Hagen installed the TU Delft's Vision Team Robotics, in order to learn about perspectives that exist in society about the impact of robots on our daily lives. We selected three areas of life that will increasingly be impacted by robotic technologies: the private domain (robots that augment us), the work domain (robots that work with us) and the public domain (intelligent vehicles). 

In the past 15 months, TU Delft scientists from multiple faculties invited various individuals who might be affected by robotic technologies for interactive meetings. We met with workers, trade union representatives, drivers, children. We listened to them, discussed with them, and exposed them to the current robotic technologies we are working on. An overview of the work of the Vision Team Robotics can be found here with a response by the Rector Magnificus.

In order to share what we’ve learned together during this journey, we curated these conversations in three different ways: an anthropological documentary (robots that augment us), a podcast (robots that work with us), and a set of cartoons (intelligent vehicles), all available on our website .

This website shows these three tangible outputs of the Vision Team Robotics. Through different lenses these cover the diversity of hopes and concerns around robotic technologies, and we hope you enjoy exploring them as much as we did. 


Core team

Student Assistants

Khushboo Sharma

Student in MSc Biorobotics and MSc Management of Technology

Sophie Bekker

Student in MSc Artificial Intelligence

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