Workshops and events

TU Delft’s ‘Coming to Delft Service’ organizes throughout the year many workshops and events. Some available for employees and, if applicable, their accompanying partners. A good opportunity to meet other internationals who also recently started a new position at TU Delft.

Quite a few workshops are for partners only, because they are focussed in supporting partners in finding a job in The Netherlands.

The information meetings and networking events are open to all TU Delft employees and their partners. With these meeting we try to provide you with useful information and a platform to connect with others. We hope to see you soon in one of the events! 



Partner Career Workshops (part of the Dual Career Programme)
U Delft provides a series of 7 workshops to partners of TU Delft employees, who have (recently) moved to the Netherlands and would like to learn more about the Dutch labour market and the job application process in The Netherlands.

The workshops are thematically coordinated and in order to achieve the best result, therefore, enrolments are only possible for the whole workshop programme and not for an individual workshop only.

Besides getting trained on the Dutch labour market, you will also get to know your peer participants who might be in a similar situation as you are. After the final workshop we have lunch together and a professional photographer will take your profile picture for your LinkedIn profile (if possible due to COVID regulations).

Unlock your potential (part of the Dual Career Programme)
The aim of the workshop is to give a starting point to reflect on your work and life skills and how you can adapt these to the opportunities and challenges of life as an expatriate partner. The content will be a mix of interactive, practical and informative sessions.

Networking (part of the Dual Career Programme)
In this workshop you will receive:

  • Introduction and insights to Networking in the Netherlands
  • Practical networking strategies to further your career 
  • Tools to increase visibility online and offline
  • Tips for building and maintaining a personal brand
  • Ways to feel more confident when applying for a job, or continuing your career in the Netherlands

Understanding the Dutch
The aim of the workshop is to share with you important information about how to settle in and navigate in the Netherlands. Besides learning more about the Dutch culture, traditions, celebrations, norms, and values, you will also receive useful links for websites and social groups. By the end of this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Understand the Dutch culture
  • Navigate the Dutch system and find service providers
  • Meet like-minded people in the area
  • Become actively involved in the local society

Intercultural Communication
Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication is important for everyone working in a culturally diverse setting. In this workshop participants will gain a deeper understanding of how people from different cultures communicate, perceive the world around them, and how their beliefs and communication strategies could easily lead to misunderstandings.

The aim of this workshop is to provide useful and practical information to help international staff members and their partners of TU Delft, ensuring they are prepared for cycling in Delft. Combination of an interactive lecture and (optional) a study tour

Job Support Group
The main objective of this job support group is to provide the participants with necessary skills, self-assessment, group support, stimulus, new insights and mostly renewed positive energy to pursue their job search in the Netherlands.

There will be six meetings and they will be very interactive, with an emphasis on the personal strengths each participant already possesses that can be used and highlighted more when searching and applying for jobs.

Information meetings

Tax information meeting
The Coming to Delft Service organizes an information session on the Dutch Tax System for our English-speaking colleagues. TU Delft has selected 'AAme Tax Advice', specialized in expats in the Netherlands, who will provide you with the necessary basic information about the Dutch Tax System.  

Buying a house
V&W Adviseurs is specialized in giving mortgage advice to academic staff (including PhD students and Postdocs) attending universities throughout the Netherlands. Their own real estate office is located in Delft where they can assist you with the purchase and/or sale of your property. They can offer a complete package when purchasing and financing your new home.

Pension meeting by ABP
Why is your pension also relevant at this moment in time and not only when you retire? How can you arrange your retirement as much as possible according to your personal needs? All of that comes together during this information meeting about the ABP Multi-option pension scheme. It is intended to help you determine the importance of pension right now, and determine how and when you would like to stop working.

Networking events

New joiners drinks
With a flood of new faces, introductions, and information, the first few weeks of being in a (new) country, joining another organization, and dealing with other cultures, on boarding for a new employee can be challenging and overwhelming.

To get to know other new international colleagues at TU Delft (and their partners) we hope to provide you with a platform where you can expand your (social) network. Many new internationals go through the same process and we believe it is easier if you can learn from each other. In addition a representative of TU Delft’s HR Contact Centre and volunteers of ACCESS will be present to answer any questions you might have. 

International coffee moments
Coffee is a perfect medium to get exposed to new people, ideas and opportunities — both personally and professionally. Relationships are fundamental to all businesses, and meeting in person is an important way to nurture connections. Meeting people over coffee is about having unexpected things happen to you in a predictable way. The most valuable conversations can be with people you don’t know. There’s something everyone has to offer, you just have to be open to hearing new ideas and perspectives.