Resources for families with younger kids at home

During Covid times managing your own work along with childcare and home schooling can be quite a puzzle. Especially if you are in a country without relatives or a big network to help you out. Below we have listed some suggestions that might support you and your family to make the logistics run a little easier.

In home childcare - Through Charly Cares, Nanny Nina, Sitly you can hire babysitters who will come to your own home. They can also help you with home schooling assistance.

Home Schooling Assistance -  Make use of the service of a student assistant. You can post a vacancy, but please be aware that you do need to have a Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK number to be able to make use of their services and. Connect to  STUD to find your match.

Join the Delft MaMa Community – find their group on Facebook and search “babysitter”. There are many useful post in there about babysitters and providers. You can also find post about activities at home with your little ones. Connect with the community and share your situation, there is always a helping hand.

Nextdoor - On Nextdoor, neighbours help each other, not only with borrowing tools or selling old furniture. There are also babysitters offering their services.

Please note that none of the organizations listed above are affiliated with TU Delft. We do not have any kind of partnership with them and can therefore not be held responsible for the quality of their work.