Buying a home

Some factors to consider when buying a home are location, size, price and condition. Demand for properties is high and they often sell very quickly. Many expats find Dutch homes smaller than what they are used to. Listings of houses for sale can be found on the Internet (section: More information) An estate agent can provide assistance in locating appropriate properties (in some cases before they have come onto the market), determining a fair price, evaluating the condition of the property and arranging for purchase. The agent will, of course, charge a fee for those services but, especially for someone new to the Dutch market, it might be money well spent.  

If you want to buy a house in the Netherlands, you will probably need to make financial and legal arrangements with a bank or lending institution. You might need to arrange for a mortgage (hypotheek in Dutch). To do this, you can either go to a bank or make use of the services of an independent mortgage advisor, such as V&W Adviseurs (based in Delft). It would in any case be wise to shop around and carefully consider your options. 

More information

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VBO: a Dutch association of estate agents 

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