Dutch language

Your most valuable aid in negotiating the subtleties and complexities of the culture is a command of the Dutch language. Most Dutch people speak English well, despite protestations to the contrary. This is especially true in urban and suburban areas and in towns frequented by tourists. If your English is good, you can get along very well in the Netherlands, at a superficial level. In the long run, however, this will not be enough. The value of mastering the Dutch language must not be underestimated. Vast and invaluable domains of social, cultural and professional experience will open up to someone who understands and speaks Dutch.

Learning Dutch

There are a number of effective ways of making the Dutch language your own. Below you will find a selection of Dutch language courses in Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam area.

If you would like to participate in one of the Dutch courses mentioned below, please follow the enrolment instructions provided by the programme of your choice or contact the provider directly.

Dutch Language courses

If you are looking for a more personal recommendation, check the blog by DelftMaMa and connect with other parents learning Dutch. Read more.

Dutch self-study

For online and self-study, take a look at the following options:

Dutch practice

Besides courses, you might be also interested to practice with a language buddy or coach to improve your spoken language. See below a selection of the options in Delft area:

More information

  • Download the full overview of Dutch language courses and practice. 
  • Before learning Dutch, you are looking to improve your English skills. Find more information here.