Income tax

If you are earning an income from employment in the Netherlands, you will need to pay income tax. You must declare your income to the Dutch tax administration (belastingdienst) by submitting a tax return annually (aangifte inkomstenbelasting). This can be done online or with the help of a tax advisor. TU Delft offers twice a year information sessions about the Dutch tax system, these sessions will be announced in the Event calendar.

Tax advisors who are specialised in expat affairs will guide you through this topic and will be available to answer questions after the sessions.

If you would like to consult a multilingual tax advisor (at your own expense), please see the list below:

More information

  • Click here for information about taxes (Academic Transfer)

Video recordings

Click here to see the zoom session of the November 2022 Tax Information session that covered the Dutch tax system more broadly.

Click here to see the zoom session of the February 2023 Tax Information session that covered the process of filing your taxes in the Netherlands.