Childcare in the Netherlands

There are several types of childcare provision to choose from. Most providers have a waiting list, so it would be advisable to look into this at an early stage.

The cost of childcare depends on the form of care and the hours of care, and working parents can apply for a childcare allowance from the Dutch government. How much they receive depends on their income and how many children they have.

Public day-care centre (kinderdagverblijf)
These centres are available for babies and children between the age of 6 weeks and 4 years old. They are open 5 days a week, usually from early morning till early evening. Parents can make arrangements with the day-care centres concerning the number of days or half-days their children will spend at the centre.

Host parents (gastouders)
Host parents can take care of up to a maximum of 6 children. The day-care is generally located at the house of the host parent, but some care for children at the parents’ own house. This form of care is flexible because host parents are also available in the evening and at weekends. Host parents can be found through local host parents agencies.

Pre-school (peuterspeelzaal)
Pre-schools offer activities and play for children between the ages of 2 and 4. Pre-schools do not offer full-time care (they are open in either the morning or the afternoon). Children typically attend the group once or twice a week. This form of care is intended for children who stay at home until they start primary school at the age of 4, in order to make the transition easier.  

More information

Click here for more information about types of childcare in the Netherlands (IamExpat).

How does it work?

In Delft and its surroundings there are a number of childcare providers where English is spoken or the carers are bilingual.

  • Plukkebol – Dutch-language childcare next to the campus, parent information in English

  • KNOTZ childcare – Delft and The Hague area, 1 bilingual group

  • Zo Kinderopvang – Delft and The Hague area, Dutch-language childcare, English website

  • Carpe Diem, Dutch-language childcare in Delft, English website

If you would like to choose a host parent for your child, you need to register with a local host parent agency.

  • 4KIDS – English website

If you need childcare, the links provided will help you to orient yourself to the market. You are free to choose a childcare provider of your choice. In certain circumstances, TU Delft might help you to find suitable childcare by providing you with the contact information of various childcare centres; however, it will be your responsibility to find appropriate childcare.

Please note that this list is not necessarily an endorsement and that there might be additional childcare providers in the region.