Bicycles and Public Transport

Cycling is a popular choice for people to get around in the Netherlands, so many transport stations and vehicles cater for bicycles. Below Delft central station is a bike park with room for 5,000 bikes, this is a safe place to lock your bike if you are travelling on the train. You are allowed to park your bicycle there for up to 10 days. There is also a bike shop for any repairs or accessories you may need.  Across the country, most big train stations will have facilities to park your bicycle. It is easy to check what facilities are available at each train station at this website (information only available in Dutch).

It is possible to take your bicycle onto the train outside of peak travel times, Monday to Friday. For €6.20 you can take your bike anywhere in the country for 1 day, this extra ticket must be bought in addition to your standard ticket. Each train has designated places where bikes should be stored, these are clearly marked by a picture of a bicycle on the train doors. If you own a folding bike it is free to take it on the train at any time!

If you want to use a bike in another city it is possible to use the national bike rental scheme. The OV Fiets are a recognisable blue and yellow colour and are available at train stations and designated points around Dutch cities. For €3.85 you can use one of these bikes for a 24-hour period. You need a personalised OV Chipkaart to access these bicycles and you must buy the OV Fiets product which costs €0.01 for a years subscription! More information can be found by following this link.

Bike shop, Delft station. Here you can find OV Fiets

Bicycle park in Delft station

Bicycle compartment shown by the signs outside of the train

Customer renting an OV Fiets bike