OV Chipkaart

To make getting around Delft and the Netherlands as easy as possible, getting an OV Chipkaart is a good idea. This card allows you to use busses, trains and trams throughout the Netherlands with a digital payment system. You need to top up the card, which can be done online and at transitions, and scan in and out of the station or vehicle you are using. This will automatically charge your account.

There are two types of OV Chipkaarts. Firstly, the personalised OV Chipkaart costs €7.50. It will be valid for five years and allows you to buy products and discounts for rail travel. If you are planning to use the trains regularly it is worth looking into the products available for the personalised OV Chipkaart, some offer free travel on weekends and discounted travel in off peak times. Information on products can be found here. To order a personalised OV Chipkaart you need to order one online (see link below) or by post. Or you can get a non-personalised card which can be shared between multiple people. This can only be done for different trips, as the OV Chipkaart can only be used by one person at the same time.  You may buy one at a train station, which costs €7.50. However, note that with a non-personalised card you cannot buy train discounts packages.

Within train stations you will see yellow self-service machines, at these terminals you can check your balance and top up your chipkaart, they all have an English language feature too! It is possible to buy individual tickets each time you travel, but this is a little bit more expensive. If you intend to travel frequently, an OV Chipkaart will be cheaper and more convenient. For more information take a look at the OV Chipkaart website (All information is also available in English).

Chipkaart scanner on a bus

Barriers at Delft station to check in and out of with your ticket or OV Chipkaart

Personalised, yellow, OV Chipkaart