Transport Options in Delft

Delft is well connected with a range of public transport options. Make sure you’re aware of the different ways to get around to make the most of your time in Delft and the Netherlands.

In Delft, busses, trams and trains are easily accessible. The train station is within five minutes walking distance of the city centre. Delft is located between Rotterdam and The Hague, which means both can be reached by train in under 20 minutes. Trains depart roughly every 10 minutes to these two major cities.

From Delft station, it is easy to access the rest of the Netherlands too. You can get to Amsterdam in under 50 minutes on a direct train. Groningen and Maastricht, the most northern and southern cities in the Netherlands, are around a three-hour journey away. You can look at the whole Dutch rail network here. All main train stations, including Delft, have a service desk where you can make travel inquiries and buy tickets.

For shorter trips within the city, the bus and tram provide an simple way to get around. Next to Delft central station you will find the main bus station. With many bus routes, it is easy to reach the whole city. Busses also travel between The Hague and Rotterdam. Bus lines 55, 69, 40 and 174 allow access between central station and TU campus. There are two tram lines in Delft. Tram line 1 runs from Delft South to Scheveningen beach. Tram line 19 runs between Central station and Leidsenhage shopping centre, found just outside of The Hague. This map shows a map of Delft with all local bus and tram services.

To make the right choice about the best transport option, 9292 is an online tool ­­– also available as an app – which shows you how best to reach your destination. Luckily the website has an English option if you’re still struggling with Dutch! Find the website here:

Delft central station

Delft bus station, located next to the train station

Tram 19 in Delft