Applying a work permit and exemptions

To work in the Netherlands a work permit maybe required. The work permit is a document which Delft University of Technology (TUD) must obtain in order to employ staff of certain nationalities. Note that 'employment' is subject to a very broad definition: internships and PhD practical studies are also regarded as employment, even if unsalaried.

The purpose of this permit is to protect the Dutch labour market. Whether you can get a work permit depends on your situation and on the type of work you are going to do. A Dutch institute for employee insurance policies, UWV, will assess whether they issue a work permit. 

Applying for a work permit

HR Services will apply on your behalf.

A work permit is not required for the following categories:

  • Staff with an EU/EER or Swiss nationality (with exemption of Croatia)
  • Croatian staff who had already a work permit for a year
  • NON-EU Scientific Knowledge Workers employed by TUD
  • NON-EU Scientific Knowledge Workers guest by TUD
  • Holders of a valid residence permit with the notification
    “Arbeid wel toegestaan,TWV niet vereist”.
  • Staff who have a permanent valid residence permit
  • Teachers or researchers working at TUD and who doesn’t need a residence permit. This includes short-term teachers and academic staff. Exemption applies only if you can submit a diploma with a university degree and is only applied for short or irregular stays.