Requesting a work & residence permit | trainee/internship

To reside in the Netherlands for more than three months a residence permit is required. For traineeships in the Netherlands a work permit is also required.

Applying for these permits

HR Services will apply on your behalf for these permits. Below we will summarise what we need for this.

Residence Permit

Work Permit

  • CV and copies of your certificates
  • statement that the internship is a requirement of the study program
  • phased placement plan
  • proof of enrolment from your home institution
  • evidence of receipt of income/scholarship during your stay in the Netherlands of minimum
  • € 762,30 per month. In case Delft University of Technology pays you a remuneration this document isn’t needed. 

*) The document needs to be translated in the Dutch, English, French or German language by a sworn translator. It may be necessary to attach an apostille stamp or to have the document legalised in some other way.