Electric Vehicle supported PV Smart grid (EV-PV)

Two major trends in energy usage that are expected for the future are:

  1. Increased electricity production in the form of distributed generation using renewable energy sources like solar and wind 
  2. Emergence of electric vehicles as the future mode of transport

However there are many bottlenecks for the emergence of these two technologies.

  • Electric vehicles are only ‘green’ as long as the source of electricity is ‘green’ as well. If the electricity for the vehicle comes from a thermal power plant, its no-longer a clean transportation method.
  • PV power production suffers from variation in sunlight on a daily and seasonal basis. This necessitates the need for battery storage technology which is bulky and expensive.
  • Impact on the electricity network due to increased power demand resulting from charging of large number of electric vehicles.
  • Requirement of EV customers to have quick charging i.e. be able to charge the electric vehicle in short span of time in the order of a few min.

The EV-PV project aims at combing the two technologies by creating an electric vehicle charging infrastructure using PV panels. The focus is to reduce the energy demand on the grid due to electric vehicles by locally producing the charging power in a ‘green’ manner through solar panels. The EV battery doubles up as an energy storage mechanism for the PV system. A power converter will connect the EV, the solar panels and the electricity grid providing both normal and fast charging for the customers in a safe and reliable manner.

January 2016