Integration Strategies of Plug-in Electric Vehicles

Participation in Ancillary Services

The plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) have great potential in the near future to be connected in a large number to the power systems. In particular, PEVs are able to provide different types of power system ancillary services. The capability of storing energy and the instantaneous active power control of the fast-switching converters of PEVs are two attractive features that enable PEVs to provide various ancillary services, e.g., primary frequency control (PFC).


  • TU Delft
  • University of Comillas

In the past, the frequency stability analysis of power systems including PEVs following a disturbance has been typically analysed in the transmission side. In other words, the distribution network has been neglected for the frequency stability analysis. This  project aims to also incorporate distribution network characteristics in the model of PEVs for the frequency stability analysis. 

January 2016

Seyedmahdi Izadkhast