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22 March 2019

ESS PhD Paper Award 2018 to Esther Park Lee “Conceptualization of Vehicle-to-Grid Contract Types and Their Formalization in Agent-Based Models”

21 March 2019

Peter Palensky in Delft Outlook

Professor Peter Palensky (intelligent electrical power grids) fathoms the consequences of increasing demand and simultaneous out phasing of conventional power generation for the power grid. “That's a big ... challenge.”

22 February 2019

Pavol Bauer in new BNR podcast

The e-bike has become an integral part of our everyday life, but how do charging systems take us one step further? In BNR Techniektour, a brand new podcast for everyone who loves technology, Prof. Dr. Pavol Bauer (EWI) talks about the latest developments around the solar-powered wireless charging station.

21 February 2019

Service sector has sizeable impact on urban energy demand

A better understanding of the energy demands of various users in the city – households and services such as schools, offices and shops – can facilitate urban energy transition. Nina Voulis offers this insight in her dissertation entitled Harnessing Heterogeneity, with which she will be awarded her PhD at TU Delft on 22 February 2019.

23 January 2019

How sustainable is electric heating? Laure Itard does the math

The gas industry is being phased out and the trusty gas boiler will need to be replaced by electric forms of heating. Energy epidemiologist Prof. Laure Itard (Architecture and the Built Environment) calculated the CO2 emissions. Is electric always sustainable?