Lunch Lecture upcoming

ROB STIKKELMAN - TU Delft; Energy and Industry

14 SEPTEMBER 2017 12:45 till 13:45 - LOCATION: FACULTY EWI, ROOM Pi

On behalf of the steering board of TU Delfts PowerWebwe would like to invite you to our monthly lunch lecture. These lunch lectures take place every second Thursday of the month.

Attending is free of charge, but REGISTRATION is mandatory.

The Port of Rotterdam: the largest “capacitor” of the Netherlands

The policy of the European Union is focussed on increasing renewable energy resources, such as wind power and solar energy. Both, being irregular sources of energy, add extra variability to the electricity system. As the physical grid requires a balance between supply and demand at all times, we require flexibility in power demand and supply (E-flexibility).

The Harbour Industrial Cluster (HIC) of Rotterdam represents a huge power system that can potentially offer E-flexibility to the Dutch electricity system. In 2015, TU Delft and Deltalinqs in consortium with the Port of Rotterdam Authority and companies in the Rijnmond region were challenged to determine the E-flexibility of the HIC and its economic value. Typical question were: Which flexibility options can we create within individual companies and clusters? How much variability do we observe in the electricity markets? How would an interconnected network of companies and high-voltage nodes respond if we exchange flexibility against variability to optimize economics? To which extent is the electric power grid a limiting factor? Etc.

During the lunch lecture, Rob Stikkelman, will present the approach we took to deal with this complex research challenge and give the answers to questions above. For sure, these answers will influence your current view of E-flexibility.

Attending is free of charge, but REGISTRATION is mandatory.