Smart grid infrastructure

When an accident happens in a power grid systems, such as short circuit, collapse of a power grid tower etc. the voltages and currents in components of the networks change suddenly. These phenomena are called transients in power systems. Existing algorithms require large amounts of computational resources, which limits current industrial practice to small scale problems. The aim of this PhD project is to investigate how recent advances in computational methods for the time integration for systems of differential equations can be applied to the modeling of transients in power systems. 

PhD student: Romain Thomas
Supervisors: Kees Vuik and Lou van der Sluis

Due to the changes in the electricity network, its deregulated market and the gradual increase in consumption and variety of participants, secure grid operation in future networks becomes increasingly complex. In Work Package 4 of the European Umbrella project we study and implement risk-based system security concepts in order to develop a dedicated and innovative toolbox to support the grid security approach of transmission system operators (TSOs). In Delft we will also focus on solving the power flow equations very efficiently.

PhD student: Martijn de Jong (part of the EU Umbrella project)
Supervisor: Kees Vuik