Pro2Tech Research Cluster Food & Pharma

Food and pharma form an important industrial sector that operates from the state of modern society and current insights in health-care and way of life. Demands for safe, high-quality nutrition and medicines in a population with increased life expectancy determine future industrial strategies. The ongoing merging of the health and life sciences domains blurs the boundaries between the industries, shaping new markets and subsequently opening new perspectives for research projects that insure health innovation.

The Food & Pharma cluster of Pro2Tech develops technologies for new, advanced, and improved products and production methods for the pharma and food sector. Valorization of the generated scientific insights and engineering solutions is a key driver for researchers in this cluster, which is why most of the fundamental application-driven research is carried out in collaboration with key industrial players in food and pharma.

The cluster brings together experts with a diverse background to carry out online research lines and identify and develop new ones. Examples in the area of food include the structuring of meat replacements using proteins, flavor profile tuning of for alcohol free beers, capture and purification of polyphenols, upgrading of food side streams, development of advanced spray drying technologies. Design of biopharmaceutical processes, engineering of controlled release vehicles, and development of small molecule drug crystallization are just a few highlights of the scientific research in the area of pharma.

Anticipating this immense variety in future societal challenges, the Pro2Tech cluster Food & Pharma envisions an important role in offering a platform to the scientists to support them in their research, and at the same time, providing the guidelines to societally relevant industrial problems.

Dr. Kristina Djanashvili