Pro2Tech Research Cluster Processing of Advanced Materials

The Processing of Advanced Materials cluster of Pro2Tech is highly versatile with activities that cut across four of the seven faculties of TU Delft. Indeed, processing of advanced materials is of great importance in a very wide range of applications, such as structured reactors and (electro)catalysts, electronic devices and formulations for food and pharma.
The vast majority of the cluster participants work on the interface of organic and inorganic chemistry: they combine organic and inorganic materials and/or work on hybrid materials. Across the different areas of applications and materials, there are four main groups of techniques for advanced materials’ processing that are used: 1) vapour deposition techniques (ALD and CVD), 2) lithographic techniques, 3) printing techniques (2-D and 3-D) and 4) bottom-up wet chemistry.
The cluster focusses both on fundamental research in developing new methods for processing of advanced materials, as well as on scaling-up of emerging techniques from lab scale to large scale productions.

Materials processing research at TU Delft is highly exciting, from fundamental molecular processes to creating life-saving barcodes to authenticate medicine and beautiful umbrella’s that illuminate momentarily via falling drops of rain.

Monique van der Veen

Dr. Ivan Buijnsters

Functional Surfaces and Nanomaterials

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