Three Phase High-Frequency Transformer Modelling

Project Description:

Transformers are one of the most important components in the power network, which play a major role in safe and reliable electrical energy transmission. Any failure in them may be catastrophic as it can cause costly repair and replacement, prolonged outages, and even severe injuries. 

Nowadays, due to the integration of renewable energy sources into the power grid, a higher number of high-frequency transients take place in the system. Overvoltages and nonlinear voltage distribution originating from these phenomena can adversely affect the insulation parts of transformers and can ultimately lead to their failure. Knowing the behavior of transformers and their interactions with other parts of the power grid subjected to high-frequency transient signals are the main motivations behind this part of the project PRoteuS. 

To realize this, we strive to obtain an accurate high-frequency three-phase transformer model based on electromagnetic field theory paving the way toward an in-depth understanding of the internal and terminal behaviors of these vital components. The implementation of such a model in EMT-based software may introduce new simulation tools, the data provided by which may, in return, be used to boost the reliability of the electrical power network.

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Ph.D. Candidate:
Farzad Nasirpour