Resilient Synchromeasurement-based Grid Protection Platform

Project Description


The idea in this project is to develop a comprehensive monitoring and disturbance detection scheme that will serve as a tool to monitor and distinguish in real-time type of disturbances, asses its impact, and build remedial actions to prevent large system failures. Moreover, based on data mining of large measurements  dataset, disturbance detection, location and classification will be developed. In addition, a real-time grid vulnerability assessment and forecasting will be developed, which is essential for EPS secure operation. In case of imminent network instabilities the Stability-aware Controlled Network Separation will form stable network islands to prevent complete power system-wide blackout. The key role of this project are existing monitoring devices installed in the Dutch network (PMUs and SaSensors) that are able to provide high-sampling measurement data (current and voltage) through communication network to the novel Next Generation Energy Management System platform. Additionally, novel measurement devices will be developed to deliver high sample point on wave measurements, essential for accurate and efficient monitoring of fast changing EPS dynamics.

The project is divided in four parts. The first part deals with developing a novel EMS platform with high level of system dynamic observability. The use of this platform is twofold. Firstly, to generate measurement datasets from real-time simulations using RTDS simulator and novel time-synchronized measurement devices. Secondly, to receive the actual measurements (voltage and current waveforms from a field network operated by Enduris over telecommunication network in real time. The second part of the project deals with developing big-data supported algorithms to detect, classify and localize disturbances, and a stability-aware algorithm for controlled network separation. The algorithms will be implemented using the developed platform in the first part and will be executed in real-time as well as validated using novel simulation platform and the existing Enduris MV-grid. The third part deals with an improved stability aware controlled network separation and finally, in the fourth part, a real time grid vulnerability analysis will be developed based on optimization algorithms and measurements provided from the first part.


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