Performance boost: internal search engine and Dynamic Content Overviews (SOLR)

Unfortunately, we had some (both major and minor) issues with our internal search engine and dynamic content overviews.Luckily we’ve managed to improve its stability and speed;  with this release you’ll notice existing overviews will be more stable, and editing existing articles will result in a faster indexation.

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Image in pillar-item can be overruled

A minor change to the existing pillar-items; it is now possible to ‘overrule’ the displayed image, without the existence of a resource image on the destination page. This way you can select/add your own teaser image to the pillar-item, without adding a resource image to the article itself.

Create a pillar item to your page and add an image in the ‘Use this image instead of the one from the chosen page’ field. Regardless whether the destination page has a resource image or not, the selected image in this field will be displayed in your pillar item.

As an example, the page linked to in the pillar item on the right, doesn't have a resource image, but we have added an override in the pillar item.

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Target parameters in image links

When adding a link to the Image Element, it was impossible to add parameters, such as link targets. With this release, adding for instance an _blank parameter behind the link will actually behave as instructed.

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Hidden header in image element

When adding a header title to an Image Element, the ‘hidden’ setting was completely ignored. This has been fixed with this release.

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Oval (…) icon on android devices

The menu icon on android devices was not displayed as a circle, but more as an oval, which has been corrected with this release.

Old situation (oval menu button)
New situation (round menu button)

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