Improved Features

Cookie notice

Due to GDPR regulations, we have adjusted our cookie notice and - handling.

From now on, you can actively select whether or not you accept our analytics- and third-party-cookies.

In case you disable third-party-cookies, pages contain third party features will be obscured to prevent unwanted placement of third party cookies.

Also: in case you want to change your preferences, just click on the cookie icon in the footer.

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GDPR compliance in HTML-elements

With TYPO3 you can also add HTML-elements to pages in order to embed third party content or create custom content.

However, due to GDPR regulations, visitors should be able to deny third party cookies. So in order to preventany GDPR violoations, you will need to specify whether or not your codes uses cookies.

Does your code embed third party content such as social media (f.e. Twitter, Instagram) or any other third party content (f.e. Google Maps, external forms or videos), either through iframes or other embed-scripts? Then please select the correct GDPR/cookie setting.

If you're not sure whether your code or third party uses cookies, then please set this to 'This code may contain cookies'. It is not advised to select 'This code does not contain any cookies' if you're not absolutely certain.

Please note: in order to comply with the GDPR, it is necessary to provide visitors a completely functional informative website. In case your embedded content should be part of this, please use the options in our element library to prevent unnecessary blocking of content.

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Card gradients

By far our most-used element is the card-element. However, we noticed that every once in a while, titles on the card were hard to see, due to the light image being used.

Therefor, we've added the option to expand the current gradient, in order to improve the visibility of the title.
(Also, if you feel you don't need the gradient, you can now also turn it off completely)

This setting is now available on both card-elements and pillar items and can be used on all card layouts (regular, half height and horizontal).

Please note that this only works when there's no description on your card.

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Switching languages

A minor nuisance in our menu/top navigation was the fact that our language switch was always written out, instead of a separate (noticable) visual, creating the unwanted effect of being perceived as a link to a page instead of a means of switching languages.

So, we've come up with a new switch; this way it stands out more as a meta navigation instead of a link to a page. Also, it displays the current setting (and changes on hovering).

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Adjusting the searchbar

One last tweak we added, was the option to set the width and colour of any custom searchbar.

Some pages containing dynamic overviews also have their own searchbar. However, this bar had a fixed width and colour, despite the fact that the rest of the overviews did have these settings.

With this release, this inconsistency has been fixed (without altering existing items).

Search release notes

Default search bar

Themed search bar 50% grid width

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