New Features

404 suggestions

Our current 404 page was somewhat limited: it contained the option to search, but you had to manually enter your search query.

With this release, the webpage takes last part of the incoming URL and displays the first 5 search results. If this doens't provide any relevant results, you can still enter your search request manually and display all results by clicking the button.

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Video title in popup display

Up till now, we lacked the option to add a video title in our video popup display (unlike the 'regular'/inline display).

So an option has been added to display a video title. If you add a caption/description in the video-element and select the popup-option, a title will be added with a slight gradient.

This also works with a custom still image.

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With this release comes the possibility to add tooltips to your text; this way you can add an additional explanation to words or phrases without created an overload of content.

In order to add a tooltip, open the element and select the relevant text. Then, click on the 'add link' button and select the 'external link' tab.

Fill out the fields, select the tooltip-style and set the link to # (the title field corresponds with the text in the tooltip), as displayed in the image on the right.

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New gallery element

Our old gallery element did not really work as well as we would have liked. So, we went back to the drawing board and got a new one instead!

With this new gallery image, the image handling has been adjusted so that the element itself keeps its size, instead of the previous handling, where images were fixed in the width. This resulted in constantly resizing of the element; one of the issues with the old element.

Additionally, we changed the way previews are displayed and added some other options. From now on you can select the following per gallery:

  • Preview/thumbnail slider on/off
  • Captions of the images on/off
  • Click to enlarge on/off
  • Display current image as background on/off
  • Themed thumbnail slider buttons

Also, you can select a 'fixed height' or 'cropped display' setting.

With 'fixed height', the image sizes are displayed unaltered/in their original ratio. This is the default setting, but can be uneasy if the set of images are all in different ratios.

The 'cropped display' looks at the image ratio and if the ratio differs less than 10% of a 16:9 ratio, TYPO3 generates a 16:9 imagecrop. This can result in a more steady feel of the element.

Also, fun tip: if you put the element on a coloured grid, it can really stand out on your page!

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People pages element

You may have noticed earlier that TYPO3 also contains a People pages element. This element was necessary to add all information from the staff-pages to a custom-made staff page.

However, if you wanted to display just a part of that set of information or to just integrate part of it on a different page, it proved to be impossible. So to element was adjusted and expanded with options.

In order to make good use of this element, you do need to know the unique webidentifier.

Options in the element are the following:

  • Header layout (so you can alter the H1 title if necessary)
  • Profile
  • Publications
  • Subjects
  • Ancillary activities
  • Contact information

Also; if you select contact information and a few other items, you can display them all vertically instead of the default 'horizontal' display.

The element is also compatible with all pagetypes and multiple elements can be added to a single page.

For example

Let's take a look at the available information of the Rector Magnificus T.H.J.J. van der Hagen

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