Refresh behaviour in page module

One of the most annoying "features" TYPO3 since our upgrade, was the fact that after each change in the page module, the entire page would reload/refresh. This would prove especially annoying when editing pages consisting of multiple elements and moving the elements around.

After extensive debugging we have located the culprit and made changes accordingly; this behaviour should now be something of the past. When moving elements around, you will remain at the same position in the page layout as can be seen in video on the right:

(also; sorry for the shaky video)

Moving elements around

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Caching issues

Recently it came to our attention that changes would not be visible on the website, even though they would be visible in the backend/in TYPO3. Only by either being very patient or clearing all caches (through admins) would this issue resolve itself. The downside of this however, was both the unpredictability of this behaviour and the unnecessary serverload following the clearing of all caches.

We therefor made some changes to the configuration trying to resolve the issue, without compromising server performance.

Even though initial testing seems successful; due to the unpredictability of this behaviour, it was difficult to confirm this patch. If you are still experiencing these issues, please let us know!

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