Slug management

<h4 class="label" Updating process has been changed, preventing time-out errors.

When renaming large branches of the pagetree, we noticed a time-out error could occur, thus failing to finish the renaming process. In order to prevent this from happening, the process of renaming entire pagetrees will be put into a queue. This may result in a slightly slower renaming process, and an additional message in the page proporties when a page is still in the renaming queue, but this does make sure the entire renaming process is finished in a secure manner.

Example of the queue message

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Powermail upgrade

Uploaded files now have recognizable names

A small upgrade/bugfix regarding our webform extension; Powermail. When uploading files through a form, the filename was renamed completely with a unique hashcode, making it impossible to recognize the file once it had been uploaded. Through a minor upgrade, files will now both have that secure and safe hashcode in its filename, combined with the original title.

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Label on staff page adjusted

Changing 'Research profile' to 'Profile'.

A small adjustment on the staff pages. On the english pages, the first item was labelled 'Research profile' instead of just 'Profile', so that was adjusted.

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