Improved Features

Personal links from Pure on your staff page

Additional custom Pure links are now added to the automatic staff pages

WIth the introduction of the new staff page, you could enter your social media accounts in Pure and it would be displayed on your staff profile as well.

However, we forgot to add the more generic links that could also be added to Pure. With this release, the generic links provided in Pure will now also be displayed on your staff page.

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Additional social media (and other) links

Scholar / Pure / Custom buttons have been added to the Social Media element.

Related to the item above; TYPO3 also has a 'social media' element, through which you can add several links to social media platforms in the footer of your page.

Feedback given to us mentioned the lack of several other relevant channels such as Google Scholar and Pure and also the lacking of a generic/custom option, so these were added to the list.


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Button limit on notification element

The button limit on the Notification element has been removed.

Our Notification element had a limit of maximum 2 buttons on the element. Although this is still a best practise, situations may arise where an additional button is necessary.

Because we feel an editor should be responsible (and not the system itself) for the quality of a page, we have removed this limit and will let it up to editors to decide how many links they deem necessary in the notification element.

How many buttons do you need on your notification element?

One button Two buttons Three buttons Four buttons Five buttons Even more?

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Hover-scrolling on cards

Cards can now be set to scroll down when your mouse moves over them.

As you may have seen before; our dynamic card overviews have the ability to scroll the content upwards when hovering over it.

However, unlike card overviews, our regular cards did not have this hover/scroll up action. This made cards with larger introductions hard to read. In order to stay consistent we've added this action to the normal card element as well.

To activate this, set ' Hover effect ' to enabled on your card.

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Gradients in dynamic overviews

Gradient options have been expanded in automatic card overviews (e.g. news).

Our regular card-elements have a small gradient on the bottom in order to improve the readability of the title. But when using lighter photos, title still were hard to read. So we added the option to enlarge (or discard btw.) that small gradient.

However, card overviews lacked this additional setting, so we added the same feature to these overviews.

Please keep in mind that "one size fits all", e.g. you set the gradient for all cards in the overview, not just a single one. (Best practise remains not using images that are too bright though)

Standard gradient

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No gradient

Large gradient

Import of organisational data

Staff data import has been improved 'under the hood', and we're looking for test scenarios!

Following the implementation of the new staff pages in November 2021, we've looked into the possibilities of creating more detailed organisational overviews; for example, generate an overview of all professors of a faculty or department. In order to do so, we did an overhaul of the importing process, making sure additional information is now stored into our database as well.

Due to the huge amount of staff imported, it has been quite difficult to get a good testing scenario going, so we still consider this in its experimental phase. Care to help us try out? Feel free to contact us!

Placeholder image on contact information element

Contact Information elements now have the option to present a placeholder image.

The contact information element has the option to display a photo, either uploaded manually or retrieved from the staff page. However, when a photo is not available, the element is significantly shorter than when a photo is provided and when creating an overview of these elements this simply looks weird and inconsistent. To fix this, we've added the option to display a standard placeholder image when a photo is not available. This keeps your row of contact information elements similar in presentation and an overall better look-and-feel to it.

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