New Features

Webcalendar / iCal

Subscribe to one of our calendars and stay up-to-date automatically

With the introduction of the iCal format, visitors can now subscribe to your calender, thus never missing an opportunity for a TU event. iCal works with most e-mail clients, such as Outlook, Gmail and many others and enables visitors to add an additional calendar to their own environment. Feel free to try out the following TU Delft event calender by clicking the webcal link. Is the link not working or opening your e-mail client? Please try copying the link and use the 'Import from web' (or similar) in your e-mail client.

Is your event overview lacking the iCal button? We'll be updating all overviews, but if you don't want to wait: feel free to reach out!


Tab frames

New, improved and definitive way of adding tabs

Earlier this year we released the accordion frames, which (finally) introduced a flexible way of adding this type of content. And this proved to be such a clean and flexible method, we've introduced a similar approach for the tabs!

So, create a grid element and set the appearance to ' tab grid' -frame. Then, fill it with more grids or regular elements and you'll find unlimited tabs at your disposal. A small word of advice; don't overdo it.

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Dynamic overview layout 'Horizontal list'

Display results in a slick, tiny layout

We like our dynamic overviews (our Lookup elements) quite a bit. And every now and then we see an opportunity to add a new layout to the collection. In this release comes the 'Horizontal - list' card layout.

Just a small picture and some descriptive tags in order to keep it simple.

Need an overview yourself? Feel free to reach out. We are more than happy to help!


This format has also been added to normal Card elements, so you can use this for singular purposes as well. In the Card element properties, from the Card Layout menu, select Horizontal List:

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Categories as metadata in sourcecode

Adds categories as <meta> tags to the HTML for more in-depth analysis

In order to be more accountable in our online efforts, we've made changes to our sourcecode by adding the categories explicitly as <meta> tags. This enables us to create a platform-wide and more in-depth analysis through our analytics tool (Siteimprove).

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TU Delft's own loginscreen

Finally, our own custom login screen

You've probably already noticed this, but we've updated the login screen to make it more recognizable and far less boring than the standard TYPO3 loginscreen.

(And more in compliance with TU guidelines)

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