EU-Interreg 2Seas SHIFFT:

On co-creation in sustainable heating transition projects in six pilot sites in four EU countries (Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the U.K).

RVO “Schools as energy embassies in neighbourhoods”:

On co-creation at the neighbourhood level where schools serve as focal actor supporting multi-actor co-creation processes resulting in low carbon actions.


On controversies as a source of information in supporting public-private decision-making for socially responsible energy projects.

EU-H2020 REScoop Plus:

On renewable energy cooperatives encouraging their members to lower home energy consumption.

EU-H2020-SCCALE 20-30-50:

Sustainable Collective Citizen Action for a Local Europe (SCCALE) 20-30-50 intends to bring Europe closer to its citizens. Building on the work of local communities across Europe, the project looks to further scale the development of European energy communities. SCCALE 20-30-50 is looking to continue and amplify the work of the previous (EU-FP7) REScoop 20-20-20 project, and the Covenant of Mayors.

Changing the behavior of the inhabitants of the Dutch island Goeree-Overflakkee towards a more sustainable lifestyle

Graduation student: Blosma, F.
Subjects: sustainability, behavior, behavior change, local & community

Sharing Sustainability: The concept of sharing in collaborative housing for more sustainable cities.

Graduation student: Meixner, Annalena
Subjects: collaborative housing, sharing, urban development management, social, environmental, economic & sustainability

Making people aware of energy consumption at IDE: The design of an interactive installation

Graduation student: De Planque, O.B.B.
Subjects: energy, behavior, TRNKT, interactive, sustainability, persuasive design, social design, iterative & prototyping


Analysis of the hydrogen transition in The Netherlands using Strategic Niche Management and Event Sequence Analysis

Graduation student: Bakhuis, Jerico
Subjects: Hydrogen, energy transition, Event Sequence Analysis, strategic niche management, Transition Theory & Socio-technical transition

The development of a multi-level benchmark framework for evaluating public participation

Graduation student: Rusman, Patrick
Subjects: public participation, evaluation & energy transition


Exploring the potential for renewable energy cooperatives in Mexico: The role of business models in the energy transition

Graduation student: Carrasco Montejano, Jose
Subjects: Business Model, Energy transition, Renewable energy cooperative, Multi-level perspective & Mexico

Smart grids: Changing consumer interaction

Graduation student: Kobus, C.B.A.
Subjects: user centred design, behavioural change, social marketing, qualitative research, demand side management, energy transition, interface design & open source

Development of a communication strategy for thorium molten salt reactor research: Negotiating nuclear energy in the Dutch energy transition

Graduation student: Baas, Leon
Subjects: TMSR, Communication, Framing, Science Communication & Thorium

Assess the future social acceptance of the sustainable heating system in Amsterdam Southeast by using Cross-Impact Balances analysis

Graduation student: Sun, Huayi
Subjects: Sustainable energy development, Regional long-term planning, Scenario analysis & Cross-impact balance

Social contagion as a means to transitions

Graduation student: Carrasco Montejano, Jose
Subjects: Energy transition, Transition Design, Systemic design, Toolkit, Framework, Social contagion, Social influence, Built Environment, Behaviour change, Strategic Design & Persuasive Design

Stimulating behaviour change in electricity consumption patterns by using social awareness based incentives in an interface design

Graduation student: De Jong, L.
Subjects: interaction, interface, electricity, energy, design & behaviour change

A Case Study into Municipal Heat Transition: A Data-Driven Policy-making Tool

Graduation student: Mustika Siti Hajarini, Mustika
Subjects:Heat Transition, policy-making, Municipality, Case Study Research, Design Science Research, Data driven, Governance, Decision Support System & Framework

District Heating Systems for Sustainable Heating in Metropolitan Areas

Graduation student: Wiegerinck, S.V.H.J.
Subjects: District heating systems, Heat planning, System requirements, Stakeholder interests, Factors, Roles, Metropolitan areas, Urban areas, Sustainable heating, Energy transition & Heating transition

Data-driven support of a sustainable and inclusive urban heat transition in the Netherlands: The data ecosystem approach

Graduation student: Diran, Devin
Subjects: Data ecosystem, Open data, Sustainable energy, Thermal energy system & Urban planing

Citizen participation and the wind farm decision-making process: An exploratory case study on the current practice in Dutch municipalities

Graduation student: Geerts, Lucas F.
Subjects: citizen participation, decision-making, wind farm, rounds model & policy-making

Sturen zonder macht: de rol van de gemeente in de transitie naar een duurzame verwarming van de bestaande gebouwde omgeving

Graduation student: Hospers, Paul
Subjects: Transitie, energietransitie en warmtetransitie, Duurzaam, Collectieve verwarming en warmtenet, Bestaande gebouwde omgeving, Bestuur en bestuurlijke arrangementen

The Influence of Public Participation and Energy Justice on the Heating Transition in Mariahoeve, The Hague: An explorative case study on the heating transition

Graduation student: Broer, Rutger
Subjects: Public Participation, Energy Justice, Heating transition, Governance & District heating systems

Interventions to support the formation of Dutch thermal energy communities

Graduation student: Aranguren Rojas, M.
Subjects: Agent based modelling, institutional analysis, Energy Community Formation, IAD framework, Williamson’s Four-layer Model & thermal energy

Improving Energy Access for Displaced Populations: An institutional analysis for the potential of community solar mini-grids in refugee camps

Graduation student: Demir, Elif
Subjects: displacement settings, humanitarian energy, solar energy, community-based approach & institutional analysis

The Influence of Public Participation and Energy Justice on the Heating Transition in Mariahoeve, The Hague: An explorative case study on the heating transition

Graduation student: Broer, Rutger
Subjects: Public Participation, Energy Justice, Heating transition, Governance & District heating systems

Value dynamics in community energy initiatives in The Netherlands

Graduation student: Cox. H.

Sustainable collaboration between municipalities and local energy cooperatives; A design study to the collaboration between Dutch municipalities and local energy cooperatives to contribute to the energy transitions.

Graduation student: Emmen, M.L.G.F.