Javanshir Fouladvand

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Javanshir Fouladvand is a PhD candidate at Energy and Industry Section. He obtained his Master’s degree in Environmental and Energy Management (MEEM) at University of Twente in the Netherlands and his Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from University of Tehran in Iran. He has several years of experience as an energy consultant, both in the Netherlands and Iran. Persian Gazelle Solar Car III and sustainable community heating system design in Den Helder are examples of the projects he was involved before his PhD.

Abstract research:

Javanshir research focuses on the successful establishment of (thermal) energy communities. He has been studying sustainability and security of energy community initiatives within urban districts in the Netherlands. He studies technical, institutional and behavioural aspects of these bottom-up local initiatives. In order to understand the collective action of individuals and their complex interactions within energy communities, he uses various qualitative and quantitative approaches, including agent-based modelling (ABM), district choice modelling, survey and interviews. Using these approaches in combination of theories and frameworks such as “Institutional Analysis and Development framework”, “The four-layer model of Williamson”, “Social Value Orientation theory”, “Theory of Planned Behaviour” and “Behavioural Reasoning Theory”, Javanshir explores different scenarios and governance strategies for establishment of secure renewable thermal energy communities.

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