Justyna Tasić

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I am a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow at the TPM, Multi-Actor Systems Department, Systems Engineering Section. I hold a PhD degree from Nanyang Technological University, Institute of Catastrophe and Risk Management. Before this position, I have been a research associate at the Future Resilient Systems Programme, Singapore-ETH Centre.
With my interdisciplinary background in urban governance, organizational science and resilience, I use different methods (e.g. agent-based modelling, spatial analyses, interviews) to address challenges of energy transition.

Abstract research:

Resilience of energy systems highly depends on their adaptive capacity. Urban regions across Europe strive to transform their energy systems to achieve carbon emission goals declared in the Paris Agreement on climate change. However, despite the large interest of policy makers, only little scholarly attention has been paid to the governance of regional energy transition. In particular, there is a lack of theoretical and empirical studies that address how different regional governance characteristics impact effectiveness of the energy transition. To address this gap, we use a case study approach to explore governance of regional energy transition in the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam-The Hague. We construct an agent-based model of the sociotechnical system and simulate its behavior to find out the effective ways for achieving regional energy transition.

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