Smart sensing for aviation


A cross-faculty team of researchers at TU Delft from Aerospace Engineering and Electrical Engineering are working on developing smart sensing for the aircraft and airports of the future. A new project, called Smart Sensing For Aviation, aims to improve the safety, security and efficiency over the life cycle of the aircraft and specifically when it is waiting to be boarded at an airport.

Interdisciplinary components

The project consists of three interdisciplinary components that focuses on developing a method for tracking and understanding passenger movements within airports, smart ways to use sensors in the manufacturing process in order to improve process efficiency and integrated structural health monitoring sensors to guide efficient maintenance and repair procedures. All project components are woven together by the common themes of distributed sensing and big data.

This project works closely with local aviation organisations and industry, including the Schiphol Group, Fokker, Airbus Defence and Space, and others.

The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as a part of the “Topsectoren” policy. The research team has received TKI-funding from the top-sector High Tech Systems and Materials for the Smart Sensing For Aviation Project.